Reroot organic is a small, diversified farm producing local, organic and handcrafted food in the fertile soil of Wellington County. Established in 2007 on borrowed land, in 2010 reroot made the exciting move to our very own 70 acre farm in Harriston, Ontario. We grow certified organic produce, raise pastured poultry, Berkshire pork, and grass-fed Black Angus beef, produce free-range eggs and keep honeybees. Our products are available through our Community Shared Agriculture program, from our on-farm store and at the weekly Elora Farmers' Market and Minto Farmers' Market in Harriston.

Here at reroot, we strive to grow and raise food in ways that...

re-store the connection between people and food

re-spect the Earth, its creatures and its natural processes and cycles

re-claim agriculture as a meaningful and self-sufficient livelihood

re-introduce the concept of small-scale, sustainable, local and seasonal food production


re-joice in the community that can be built around sharing food

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